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Bethlehem, Palestine

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Hotels in Bethlehem, Palestine


Mount Zion Hotel

17 Hebron Road, 89616
4.92 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $633
Situated on a hillside, the Mount Zion Hotel affords guests a view of both the Old City and the Mount of Olives. This hotel is located proximate to many historical destinations and to shops, restaurants and galleries which can provide another source of diversion to visitors of this ancient city. »

Prima Kings Hotel

60 King George Street, 89616
5.23 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $467
The Prima Kings Hotel is located next to one of Jerusalem's most famous landmarks, the Great Synagogue. This Jerusalem hotel is also located conveniently near the most active entertainment and shopping districts in the city. The historical sites, such as the Old City and the Wailing Wall are also located »

Jerusalem Tower Hotel

23 Hillel Street, 89616
5.54 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $316
The Jerusalem Tower Hotel is located near the center of the city where it enjoys close proximity to many of the historical and religious sites of interest. This hotel in Jerusalem is located very near the Old City as well as being proximate to many modern diversions such as the »

Jerusalem Panorama Hotel

Ras El Amoud, 89616
5.56 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $207
The Jerusalem Panorama Hotel is set right on the hill of Gethsemane which affords it views of some of the most popular historical attractions in the city. From this hotel in Jerusalem, one is afforded views of the Dome of the Rock and is within easy walking distance of other »

Harmony Hotel

6 Yoel Moshe Salomon Street, 89616
5.62 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $744
Located in one of the first neighborhoods to be constructed outside the walls of the Old City, the Harmony Hotel Jerusalem provides guests with access to many of the city's attractions, both old and new. This Jerusalem hotel is located proximate to many restaurants, bars and boutique shops where visitors »

Palatin Hotel

4 Agripas Street, 89616
5.69 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $367
The Palatin Hotel is located near the Old City and within walking distance of some of the city's most famous sites. the Dome of the Rock, the Holy Sepulcher and the Western Wall are all within close proximity of this hotel. Other sites of interest include the Great Synagogue and »

Park Hotel

2 Vilnay Street, 89616
5.72 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $282
The Park Hotel Jerusalem is situated convenient to the government offices located in this historic city. Other attractions nearby this hotel include the Israel Museum and the International Convention Center. From this Jerusalem hotel, it is approximately 2 miles to the historic sites of the Old City. From the Park »

The 7 Arches Hotel

Mount Of Olives, 89616
5.81 Miles from Bethlehem
Starting at $431
Location. Located in Jerusalem, Hotel 7 Arches Jerusalem is in the suburbs and close to Tomb of the Prophets, Dome of the Rock, and Western Wall. Nearby points of interest also include Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque. Hotel Features. Hotel 7 Arches Jerusalem's restaurant serves lunch and dinner. A »
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